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Stefanie & Doug


Meet Doug and Stefanie! Stefanie has been a part of Harvest for basically her entire life while Doug is more new to our family here, but both are great examples of what it means to follow Christ. Because these two just launched a brand new group on Friday night, we thought they would be a great community group leadership team to highlight this week. We asked them a couple of important and fun questions so that you guys could get to know them a little bit better.

In a few sentences, how did you come to the Lord?

Doug: I grew up in a Christian home and got saved around 5, I think. I do not really remember much honestly, just being home one day and I was like “I’m gonna do that” and so I did.

Stefanie: I was at a Jr. High summer camp with Harvest when I committed my life to the Lord. After I prayed, I knew Christ had come into my life. My senior year of high school I was at another summer retreat and I really wanted my faith to be more than what it was – I prayed to grow in ways I hadn’t before and I was baptized that retreat. That weekend was really the catalyst to where I am now. Both of those weekends were instrumental in my walk with the Lord.

What’s your favorite food and why?

Doug: I do not really have a favorite food. In fact I’m sort of indifferent to food in general. I mean obviously I need it to survive, but if I could exist without it I wouldn’t complain.

Stefanie: Anything that is Mexican because it’s amazing.

What is your favorite verse of the bible and why?

Doug: Since this isn’t 5th grade I have many favorites, but I will say Romans 12:1-2 because it talks about the importance of changing your thinking over simply changing behavior and reminds me of the fact that I have Jesus’ mind powers now.

Stefanie: Right now, I would say my favorite verse is Habakkuk 3:18, “Yet I will rejoice in
the Lord, I will take JOY in the God of my salvation”. I love the determination in this verse to choose to take joy in the Lord. This joy is not dependent on the circumstances of my life but on the constant, unchanging character of the Lord. As Matthew Henry said, “He resolved to delight and triumph in the Lord; for when all is gone, his God is not gone. But those who, when full, enjoyed God in all, when emptied and poor, can enjoy all in God.”

Who is your favorite author (Christian or secular), and why?

Doug: I am going to do two because I CAN. Favorite Christian author would be Tim Keller because he has a really interesting way of thinking about and explaining concepts that most Christians take for granted. As for secular author, it would probably be Brandon Sanderson because he is a prolific writer of quality epic fantasy.

Stefanie: Probably Detriech Bonhoeffer; his books blow my mind. Altogether, I love reading books and listening to authors who cause me to stop and think on what they have written, both academically and spiritually. Bonhoeffer is one of those authors.


Connect with Doug

Connect with Doug


Connect with Stefanie

Connect with Stefanie

What is your occupation or what are you hoping to do as an occupation one day?

Doug: I just got hired to work at the Navy Special Warfare Center as a civilian engineer testing systems, weapons and materials. I can’t say much more because it’s highly classified…seriously.

Stefanie: I currently work for a financial planning firm, and I have been here for three years. I genuinely enjoy working here and I am thankful for the opportunities I have had to learn and grow in this field. In addition to working, I am also in Graduate School at CBU for school counseling. Ultimately, I would like to work at a high school as a school counselor; my heart is for that age group and I hope to make a difference one day.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one item from home (other than the bible) what would it be, and why?

Doug: I would purchase and bring a harp because I have always wanted to learn how to play one, but never had the time or opportunity and obviously being stranded on a desert I would have lots of time.

Stefanie: If an endless supply of tamales is considered one item, I would choose that.

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know these two a little better, but of course if you are not in a community group sign up now if you want to join their group. They meet every week on Friday evenings here at Harvest. Click the button bellow to sign up now!

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