Rhythms of Grace





While it is true that the grace of God “has been once and for all delivered to the saints” through our faith in the atoning work of Christ and his miraculous resurrection, within the pages of scripture and throughout the history of the church there have been specific ways that the people of God have experienced His grace in tangible, meaningful, and powerful ways. Not only should we long to understand the truths within God’s revelation, but we should also endeavor to experience God Himself in a transformational way through various means of his Grace. Just as the twice daily rhythms of the tides splash upon the shoreline, so we ought to infuse a constant flow of God’s grace into our lives.

But in what specific ways are the graces of God directed towards us? That is the question we will be answering as we cover such topics as:

  • Scripture reading, memorization, and meditation.
  • Prayer, along with fasting, solitude, & silence.
  • Committing to the community of Christ through accountability, sacrificial service, & submission.
  • Creating lasting and life-changing rhythms of spiritual disciplines and rest.


Join us on this four week journey as we establish godly habits in our lives that will keep us in the love of God 


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