About Us

The Well is designed to help the college-aged crowd to know God and to make Him known to others.

We recognize that every human being longs to find answers to the crucial questions of life. Where does life come from? What is the purpose for our existence? What is right and wrong? What is the destiny of mankind after death? Like hundreds of thousands of Christians before us, we answer these questions not with a what but with a who. The solution can only be found by knowing God through trusting in the perfect life, sacrificial death, and miraculous resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. It’s that relationship with God that then fuels us to love and serve our communities.

The Well is a group of young adults at Harvest Christian Fellowship who:

  • Worship together through bible study and song.
  • Learn together in gospel-centered community.
  • Serve together to love our city and make God known to others.

Learn more about what we believe

The Well meets every Friday Night at 7:30 p. m.

at Harvest Christian Fellowship

6115 Arlington Avenue in Riverside, Ca 92504

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