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We are an average group of students at UC Riverside who come from various backgrounds and lifestyles, but we all recognize the reality that we are far from perfect, that this world is broken, and that the only solution is found in knowing God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Our Christian club is not necessarily a substitute for church, but instead, an extension of the local church. Each month’s format is designed to minister to college students in a holistic way. We are dedicated to building meaningful gospel-centered community, serving our campus, and also reaching out to students and school faculty with the life-changing message of the gospel. Come get involved as we display the love of Christ and reach our campus!

Meeting Details

Wednesdays | 12 p.m.

HUB 260

Our President

Sennie Garcia

I grew up in a Christian home where my parents made me attend bible school and learn about the gospel regularly. However, it wasn’t until I got older and began going to middle school that I was able to fully understand what the gospel meant. There have been ups and downs along my path with Christ, but every time there is a down, the up is so much greater. I am a third year, biology major, and I plan on going to medical school after I graduate. My dream is to be a doctor without borders (missionary doctor) in order to spread the gospel around the world and help those in medical need. Now, my goal for this club is for everyone to feel welcome and comfortable being in an environment where we all support each other in our faith.

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